Green production

Can animation-production be green?

As you might guess, the making of computer-generated animation takes a lot of energy. At Hello Earth Program we do our best to increase energy efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of the production.

We use modern, efficient hardware and software in the making of the learning material, but we also choose partners that can help us to make the production greener.

One big step in this process was made recently: we agreed on cooperation for rendering with RebusFarm.

What is rendering?

Rendering is the process of generating an image from 2D/3D models and scenes. In terms of animation more images (called frames) are rendered and than stitched together. Rendering is a complex, time- and energy-consuming part of the production. We decided to make it outside of our studio, and choose RebusFarm as a rendering partner.

Why RebusFarm?

On the one hand, RebusFarm is the market leader in terms of capacity, reliability, delivery speed and price, and on the other hand, they use green, 100% CO2 and atomic waste free energy: energy from regenerative sources and pure water energy from GrundGrün Energie GmbH. Climate protection and energy efficiency are two important subjects for RebusFarm and they are continuously developing and researching new technologies to improve their service even further, they achieve 25 percent energy-savings per render-hour, almost every year.

What does it mean?

According to preliminary calculations, per episode:

  • saved radioactive waste: 57-114 mg

  • saved CO2 emission: 41-82 kg

  • this equals the CO2 emission of a car with a mileage of 246-492 km

  • this equals the CO2 emission of a person traveling by plane: 369-738 km

Our mission is to create a beautiful series of shorts about environmental protection, climate change, and sustainability, to deliver it to the schools, but we also want to live it and be credible, we want, and we will make it in an environment-friendly way.

Thank you for helping us!


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